Pre-publication jitters…

I have prepublication jitters.  Despite decent reviews and events going in the right general direction, I am anxious.  The publicity makes me anxious; even good reviews make me anxious.

I am having nightmares for the first time in years.  I never have nightmares.  Now I am dreaming about giant women.  Huge women who ask me to do their hair.  I have to stand on a chair to accommodate them.  One has black tresses that stick straight out from the back of her head with royal blue highlights, geometrically placed along the bottom.  I comb the blue parts.  Another asks if I will help in the placement of a giant scarf.  I wrap the colorful schmatta around her head several times, nearly losing my balance on the chair.

Another night I dream I am alone with a nice man, and we are talking in front of a fireplace.  Suddenly the home is invaded by a horde of large women, all of whom are extremely tall except for one.  The short one is a blond pygmy with bad breath who whispers vile things about me, all of which are true.  I pick her up and smack her against the furniture.  Then I hold her at eye level; she continues her vituperative litany in a deadly calm voice.  I nearly faint from the halitosis.

After a couple of days, I think: giant women.  Publication.

Amazons?  Ok.  I get that.

But what’s the deal with the pygmy?